14 Aug 2006

Strawberries and brownies go really well together!

Well Cheryl aka ASimpleYarn, Isobel aka TeaandCakes, Holly aka WinonaQueen, Sharon aka ClicketyKnits and I met up again on Saturday.
This looks like its starting to become a little bit of a habit, meeting up outside of the normal SnB group, and a very enjoyable habit too.
We had an actual agenda to get through, it wasn't all about knitting and chatting...more about that in a later post, I can't say too much yet...sssshhhh
We also had food....some lovely cheese chowder soup that Cheryl made, with fresh bread rolls from the oven and some hummous I made, and then we had Wexford strawberries from Sharon and very scrummy home-made brownies from Isobel ...
We decided to each take photo's of our strawberries and brownies. Check out the other photo's on their blogs.
If they havent been added yet, they will be! very artisitic, all of them.
And we knit....we did!
On the way home, I just had to stop and take a photo of the fabulous heather-covered hills. So here they are!


At 12:55, Anonymous Isobel said...

Took me a few seconds to work out what you were doing! Hope you didn't mind me overtaking.


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