28 Jul 2006

101st post!

I will be on annual leave next week. Actually from this afternoon. I feel like I'm putting my out of office on at work here, writing this!
Anyway, plans are to go down to Kells this evening, Micheál's neice is 3 tomorrow and we'll be there for the party.
I'm going to make Top Hats for it this afternoon.
I'll post a recipe for it with a photo later....
Love Top Hats, Mum used to always make them for us for our birthdays as kids.
Has anyone else come across them as kids??
Anyway, we will be back in Celbridge briefly on Sunday, and then off to Clare for the week. Hope the sun comes out a bit while we're there!
I will be bringing a bit of knitting, and a bit of spinning materials with me and will be doing a lot of relaxing.
After the stress of the last few weeks at work, I need to relax for a bit.
And I can't believe this is the one hundred and first post!!
So, see ya later!


At 17:46, Anonymous Isobel said...

Hope you're having a lovely time Sara.


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