8 Aug 2006

Loughcrew Passage Tombs

We went to Loughcrew Passage tombs on Saturday after Daiseys' party.
Also called Sliabh na Caillaigh (Hills of the Witch).
It was a bit of a struggle with a hangover (from the night before, not from the kiddies party!), but was worth it in the end.
Its an amazing place.
There is one large passage tomb in the middle and doted around outside it are the remains of several smaller ones. Some are more complete than others, but all of them, bar the large one in the middle, have lost their covering.
You can still see the cross-like format in the center of them.
They are very similar to Newgrange, in that on March 21st and September 21st (equinox), sunlight enters the tomb at dawn and illuminates a series of radial line patterns which are carved on various sones inside the tomb.

There is more information here, and here, and here, if you are interested in reading more about them!
Definately a good place to visit, if you like that kind of thing.
You can see several counties from the summit.
Definately worth the climb.
Even with the hangover.


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