18 Jan 2006

Hats again!

I finished a hat that I started at the weekend for my bro. I have included here 2 photo's, one of the top of my head showing the ribbing and decreasing (and the thread of wool that I hadn't quite tidied away yet, can you spot it!) , aka the photo above, and one of 2 hats done in the same wool, following the same pattern. The longer hat is a result of the first hat I did in Rowan calmer not turning out as long as a previous hat I had done to the same pattern, done in Noro Silk Garden. Just shows that I didn't really pay too much attention to my gadge eh!

This time I used Rowan Calmer, size 5 circulars and then 4.5 dpns when decreasing, previously I used Noro Silk Garden and size 6.5 circulars. I have no photo on file as such here for that hat but may be able to add it in at a later stage. The reason the photo's are so dark - well, why wouldn't they be dark if they are taken at 6.45 in the MORNING, as I wanted to get them both before I passed one of them over to the bro. I think I may have to frog back the smaller one, starting at the cast on edge, gulp.
Now, as promised, I will start something for myself. What to do eh? The possibilities are just endless, but I think that I will do some wristwarmers to start with, then may go for a bag. I've just read on Calana Crafts blog that Noro Silk Garden felts, so that looks interesting enough to look into further methinks!


At 17:47, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Sara, I did manage to knit a Christmas present for myself on time!!! I knit some wristwarmers from the Hollywood Knits book.....must post pics on my own blog so you can have a look if you are looking for ideas. I used an Australian Fine Kid Mohair Yarn for them - got the yarn at a UK Knitting Show.
Got your post about adding links and yes I did lose my links because I had to reload the template for my blog - all is well again though. Adding links is not that difficult so let me know if I can help you.
Well done on the hat you are a demon knitter. I am still working on the garter stitch band for the baby blanket.........


At 22:15, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, You asked Calana-Crafts about side on pattern for hat so if you go to http://www.headhuggers.org/patterns/kpatt04.htm
that should get you there, Joan

At 13:23, Blogger tangelled angel said...

Joan, thanks for the link, your hats were very impressive, I am looking forward to trying the pattern out.
Sharon, I have done a set of wristwarmers before, my first knitting project on my return to knitting, and they were promptly swiped by a friend of mine, and have been ,meaning to do another set for myself ever since. I started last night with a different pattern!
I have printed out some info on html so will give that a go tonight from my boyfriends PC and if it still doesn't work, I'll be asking you for help!
Would love to see pic's of your work, will be keeping an eye on your blog for them!


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