27 Jul 2006


Getting a very certain amount of satisfaction at spinning up a good quantity of yarn. I have about 60 grams worth of roving spun up here already and the yardage is going to be good from it. I'm planning on spinning up the same amount and plying it, and then dying it afterwards.
Here's a close up.
The funny thing is, once you start spinning yourself, you start looking indepth at the yarn that you buy to knit. You notice "flaws" in the yarn, or things that you would have overlooked beforehand. Before I started spinning, I would never have noticed really (perhaps being a bit blind to it?) the fact that Silk Garden from Noro, was a single ply yarn. I started knitting this a couple of days ago and stopped a few rows in to examine the yarn. Just saying, thats all! I understand a bit more about the vm in yarn also, its such a hassle trying to get rid of it all!!
Silk Garden is a joy to knit with, it knits up really fast and gives you a nice sense of satisfaction. Not to mention the colours!
I really enjoy seeing the colours changing subtley into another colour.
I'm not going to tell you what this is yet, I've made some more progress on it since I took this photo, and am almost finished it, and want to make sure it turns out okay before posting again about it. Its for someone you see, and I know they read this blog (occasionally at least!). It was a kind-of request a good while ago, and I think they may be in need of it at the moment 'cos of where they are in the world and what the weather is like....although I could be wrong....


At 17:41, Anonymous Isobel said...

Hmmm, I want to know what that is now. the colours look lovely and bright.
Your handspun looks lovely in the natural colour I think - what colours are you going to dye it?


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