8 Aug 2006

Clare musings

I'm back!
Back from my dream-world, where everything goes at a nice pace, and the most frustrated I got was when I was behind a tractor on a narrow windy road and had to be patient for about 5 minutes...
Oh it was such a nice time away.
We spent the first weekend in Kells, it was Daisey's 3rd birthday.
Then down to Clare where we spent the best part of the week working on the cottage, took some time off also for other pursuits.
Micheál took the 1970's style tiled fireplace out and exposed the original fireplace of the cottage.
We are going to get stones from Liscannor and build a nice stone fireplace around it.
Meanwhile, there was the hearth to level out with cement. And it needed to dry before further work could be done on it. Thats one for another visit.
The bulk of the work went into the main bedroom.
It is now fit for Kings!
We did some sightseeing and driving around during the week also.

We were very lucky with the weather, it only rained one night, and that was after we had gone to bed and it had stopped before we got up.
We met some of the local people, went to a couple of sessions in the local pubs, and generally had a bit of craic and relaxation.
There was also dying and spinning to be done.
I actually spent a good part of the week dying roving.

This is using Cochineal, and Safflower, on Galway Cross roving and Shetland Moorit.

The back wall was a great place to leave it to dry!
The second photo shows the mist that was coming in off the sea one of the evenings. As you can see, you can't even see the sea!
I also got my hands on an amazing amount of Jacob fleece at the end of the week. I have washed and dried about 2 of those fleeces so far, and dyed part of one of them.
Busy bee me.
I even got some knitting in.
Please meet the Craggaknock beer bottle cosies.....
These were put to some good use..


At 17:27, Anonymous Cheryl said...

Welcome back! You HAVE been busy! Gonna have to get back to work to rest, I'd say! Really love the original fireplace.....

At 15:10, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Looks like an idyllic week. Just a tad jealous, I really like the west but it is such a trek from Wexford. What a pity.


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