26 Jul 2006

For Kevin and Leigh, kitty pic's

They discovered the window sill yesterday. As cats do, they love sitting up there now and watching the world go by. Maybe I should call them the Nosy Neighbours???
Reggie decided that he liked Micheál's coffee....and shoes....talk about inquisitive!
He's a brave kitty putting his nose in there!


At 22:45, Blogger Robin said...

Someone needs to tell Reggie--"Curiosity killed the cat"! He is a brave one--but then again cats do like 'themselves'!

At 02:18, Anonymous Cheryl said...

Inquisitive? I'd say they were! Inquisitive about Holly's wrap for lunch...inquisitive about what was in the knitting bag...inquisitive about whether our legs would show the scratch marks!

At 10:33, Blogger tangelled angel said...

But hey, they are kittens, little things!Like any baby, they learn that way...

At 11:18, Blogger Robin said...

tangelled angel...my last sentence should read--"But the do lick themselves" I should have proof read a little better!


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