14 Aug 2006

Kitty Antics

The kittens are growing rapidly, and are just lovely. Getting very affectionate and scratching less.
Ronnie's favourite place is lying on the back of the couch with his head on Micheáls shoulder.

I have been letting them out in the back garden when I'm there, leaving the sliding doors open and they come in and out as they please.
The side gate, I have covered with a bamboo covering, to stop them escaping out and meeting cars and motorbikes, and basically to not lose them.
Yesterday, we went out for half an hour, and decided to leave them out the back with the sliding doors closed, to get used to being outside for a bit.
I went around the car to get into the passenger seat, and glanced up beside the house and what did I see but a black cat standing looking at me. It was Ronnie.
As soon as he saw me, he turned around and ran back in. They had pulled the bamboo covering aside at the corner. Most upset when we tied it up again.
So there I was worrying that they would get out while we were out, when we got back I went up beside the house and there was Ronnie sitting looking at me and meowing at me, safely inside the gate.
Couldn't see Reggie, but thought he was probably investigating spiders webs somewhere in the garden.
We went into the house, and out the back.
Guess where Reggie was?
UP on the back wall. He was stuck, couldnt get down.
He must have climbed the fir that was at the back wall.
Micheál had to get a chair to stand on in order to lift him down, the wall is that high up.He came willingly too.
The results of all these antics?
We put their collars on them.
Had been planning to put them on from the first time we got them, the first attempt drove Ronnie so wild scratching at it and falling over in the attempts, that we took it off again.
They have actually took to them very well, we did do a bit of bribery with some cheese though.....
(please excuse the couch covering, its necessary to escape those kitty claws....hopefully normal service will resume once they are adults)


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