11 Aug 2006

Rowan knits

Well, I've put my order in for the new Rowan magazine (40) and am eagerly awaiting its arrival to have a look at it in depth.
I have had a look at the patterns on the Rowan website and there are quite a few that I like the look of.

Im determined to knit something larger than a hat for myself this winter, so I'll be interested in looking at these designs in more detail.
This one looks a little on the low cut-side of things for me....not sure if I would do it justice!

I like the look of this one especially, it looks nice and warm and snuggly. Doesn't help I suppose that its a bit cold and miserable here at the moment.

I also think that this design would be ideal for a wedding or a dressy event, but again I'll have to wait and see.


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