23 Jan 2007


Remember these?
I bought the pattern for them along with the wool at the knitting and stitching show in Birmingham last September.
I got them from UK Alpaca, and thought that the pattern was their own one, loved them!
I knit them up and again loved the end result.
I ended up giving them to my friend Jenny, who admired them. She had just had baby No.2 and I had gone visiting. Jenny thought they were lovely and would be great to wear when driving, in the cold mornings (they were!).
Is it because these items get praised that I end up giving them away to the person prasing them?
It was the same with my first pair of fetchings that I made, Isabelle tried them on, and then declared that they would be great to wear when she goes running, which she does daily, in the cold air of Switzerland.
I gave both of these wristwarmers away gladly, as I know that they will be worn and loved.

So, I still had over 50g of the alpaca yarn that I bought in Birmingham left, and decided to make myself another pair of the wristwarmers.
Could I find the pattern?
Not to be seen anywhere.
I thought I had the pattern living with the yarn, but it was nowhere to be seen.
So I decided to put it aside and wait until I came across it. I rarely lose anything.

So a couple of days later, I got one of my regular emails from Lion Brand, with their stitch pattern of the month, and decided to go into their site to find a nice stitch pattern to make a dishcloth from (forgetting that I have a fantastic book of stitch patterns that I was reminded about when I saw Isobel's treasure trove last Saturday at SnB)
What did I come across?
The same Stitch Pattern that was used in my wristlets.

I wondered then did my UK Alpaca suppliers take the same stitch pattern to make their wristlets, or did they make it up?

Imagine my surprise then when I got my Simply Knitting magazine through the door (which I subscribed to last year and not going to subscribe to again as I don't usually knit from it).

I sat down with a cup of tea to have a flick through it...........and .......what?

Where did they come from?! There were my wristlets, staring up at me.

For this issue, the designer was apparently set a challenge to make a pair of practical fingerless gloves with 100g of UK Alpaca and this is what she came up with....is this a coincidence or is it a copy cat case....hmmm....wish I could find my pattern to compare notes!

Oh, and I know that she would be able to make not one but 2 pairs of fingerless gloves from that ball of alpaca!

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At 09:37, Blogger Ger said...

Sara, its extraordinary the similarity between your gloves and those published on the mag cover. Are the hands the same.Maybe you should get royalties.

At 18:44, Blogger Diane said...

move over fetching...I want to knit a pair!


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