16 Jan 2007

Sheep galore

An Aussi friend from work was leaving to head over to work in Galway, and the day she left she gave these to me. Yes, they are coasters....with sheep on them! The mother of pearl is on a different animal on each coaster.
(Bad close up, and an attempt at enhancing it with photoshop)

I know, they are from New Zealand, not Australia (aren't some of you quick today!), but she was given them by another friend and didn't want to be weighed down with things, as she is travelling about.....and she didn't have a clue about my yarn/sheep fibrey goodness obsession...so a complete fluke!
I like the sheep in the last photo, looks a bit demented with the white of its eyes showing up like that!

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At 20:03, Blogger Cheryl said...

Lovely the colours in that mother of pearl!

At 01:58, Blogger The Skirt said...

Actually, if they're from NZ, that's paua - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paua

At 01:35, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Was just going to add the same comment as the skirt! Paua is everywhere here.


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