17 Jan 2007


I have a post all composed and ready to put up (for the last 2 hours) and blogger is just not co -operating with my pictures. And I really want to show you!
So, we will have to wait until it gets over its hissy fit, and gets back to normal.

I have been expanding my blogging reportoire to check out some bloggers that do other crafts.
One of my new favourites (and just happens to be Irish too) is the Irish Craftworker.
You must read her blog, I mean, check out this and then have a look at this, I love this idea

So, in the meantime, thanks to The Skirt who pointed me in the right direction with what I thought was mother of pearl in the last post.
Check this out instead -->New Zealand Paua

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At 22:26, Anonymous Teaandcakes said...

See, I was all set to point out that it was probably Paua shell, but paua is the New Zealand name for Abalone, and the shell is, therefore, mother of pearl, so you were right originally.


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