19 Jan 2007

Its a wrap

calorimetry- do you ever see a pattern and can't rest until you have knit it and got it out of your head?
This was one of them.
I have been carrying a ball of Rowan Yorkshire Tweed Aran around with me for ages, in my knitting bag (One of my many knitting bags!)just waiting until I got the Christmas knitting out of the way.

I've come to the conclusion that I'm a slow knitter.
Yes, I know that many of my knitting friends think I'm a fast knitter as I get a lot of projects done, Elaina thinks that I have a new project with me every time I meet her at our knitting group,but I'm not a fast knitter.
I knit small items that are fairly easy to finish quickly enough.
In saying that, I estimate that calorimetry took me about 4 hours in total to finish, knit over 2 days.

Thats not fast knitting, is it? Its a very small item.
It is not without its problems, its very wide, probably too wide for me, although I love it.

My head isn't exactly the smallest heads either, so I think if I reknit this I would have to juggle with some maths and decrease my stitches and reduce the amount of rows I knit etc etc.

Idid reduce needle size as was advised by posts I read in Craftster, but I was eager to get it knit so didn't pay toooooo much attention..oops.

In anticipation of a challenge, cast on for Bridie Sunday night.
This is the first cardigan that I will have knit since I was.. oooh, about 19 maybe?
So I'm a little nervous that I can actually do it, really.
I think the last large item I did was a shapeless jumper that I never wore after I finished it.
Oh, I did a cardigan for my Dad also.
Think he never wore it either.
So, Bridie will be a marker for me, a start (I hope) into knitting larger items.
I'm hoping not to bore you with the details as I knit it, not too much anyway, as I will be knitting other things also.
I may however, flash a bit of it if I'm feeling happy with the way its turning out ;-)
Here's hoping.

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At 23:28, Blogger Cheryl said...

Ooohhh! (as Isobel would say) Really like that colour! Nice little project. Kinda wishin' I had longer hair again to pull it out of my face with! (Well....not really, but you know what I mean!)

At 01:37, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Looking forward to seeing how you get on with Bridie - I'm sure it will be not bother to you.

At 13:35, Blogger Robin said...

Oh, I like that...I've seen it posted on several blogs. I probably should make me one for my walking!

At 16:03, Anonymous Teaandcakes said...

The calorimetry is really lovely - I'm tempted to make myself one even though I don't have long hair.
It looks great on you.


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