9 Jan 2007

One Year today!

It is a milestone.

It is a marking of the passage of time.

It was a year ago today that I stumbled into the blog world, taking ever decreasing faltering steps, and finding new ways to express myself, through my knitting, photo's and the web.

During that year I have had 356 comments, and since I started counting my traffic, I have had 7,928 visitors.

I started looking back to see how many items of knitting I had blogged about (there have been several unblogged items), and when I got to 7 Hats, 1 cafetiere cozy, 2 curly wurleys, 2 bags, 2 tea-cozy's, 1 winter muff, 4 scarves, 1 wrist warmers, 1 pair gloves, 2 facecloths, 1 pair socks, 1 pair fuzzy feet, 1 pair bootees, 2 pairs of baby socks, and 1 shackle cuff...... .......I stopped.

I had only reached April 06 at this stage, from January 06.

That's 29 items in 4 months.


I must take some time to really go through and see what Ive done in the full year.

This year, I'm going to be a bit more selective in what I knit.

I'm going to knit for ME, that's my goal this year.

There are several patterns in the offing that I'm just dying to cast on for.

Some of them are larger items, like the Bridie cardigan from Anna Bell that I have swatched for and have sitting waiting for me to start with.
I probably should swatch for that again to make sure my tension is still the same.
(The pattern is not available at the moment on her site, but I have heard that it will be added at some stage soon.)
Some of them are smaller items, from books like Mason Dixon Knitting, Knit 2 Together, and many magazines that I have earmarked patterns as to do's.
Of course, there are always the baby knits, which I will be doing this year again....2 more coming up...and there are items also that I've wanted to knit for people that I will be doing, but I will be focusing on challenging myself a bit more.
If you look at the items I've listed above, they are almost all fast knits, almost instant gratification. I need to start something that I know I'm not going to get finished in a week, or less, that I know that I'll be a bit more challenged to commit myself to.
Of course, this will lead to more boring posts...like- look here's the start of a sleeve...a week later- look here's another part of a sleeve, or if I'm getting it- here's a complete sleeve!
I'm sure that I won't fall back on just having one item on the needles at the one time though, I probably will have that quick knit(s) ongoing at the same time.
Can't see one item only on the needles now, can you?!
Oh, can't forget that I've also learned to spin in that year, bought my spinning wheel and have sold some of my homespun on ebay!
To celebrate, I'm now going to have a cup of rooibus cirtus tea, from Suki Tea and then tonight I'm going to join Holly at her knitting group. See a bit of the world!

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At 14:21, Anonymous Teaandcakes said...

Congratulations and Happy blogaversary!

At 19:37, Blogger Robin said...

Happy Blogiversary!! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog several months ago...Isn't it amazing how many virtual friends you can make through blogs??!!

At 22:32, Anonymous Donni said...

Glad that you started blogging too - I am always pleased at how we "met" too. (PS I have a new blog)

At 02:06, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Think I'll join you in a cup of Citrus Rooibus - I brought some with me to NZ. Congrats on your blogaversary - just checked mine - it's up soon too. Am amazed at the amount of stuff you made in a year - I think my total was closer to 12/13 - what do I do with my time?

At 08:22, Blogger Elisa said...

Happy blogaversary, dear. It´s been interessting to read what you knit and how you are the last time. I started reading your blog 6 months ago and always liked it. Greetings from Northeast Germany. If you need German woll, write. ^_^

At 16:40, Anonymous Bobbi said...

Happy Blogiversary to you! (...and many more!)

At 18:10, Blogger Diane said...

happy blogiversary...love reading your blog


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