15 Jan 2007

Knucks to you mate!

Knucks from Winter Knitty.

Used size 3.5mm circs, magic loop method and Debbie Bliss cashmerino DK.

Cuff knit longer than was stated in the pattern.

I also knit a 3 row 1x1 rib at the start of each fingerless finger

These were my 3rd and 4th attempt at making the fingerless gloves.

The first attempt, I made as a prototype almost, but I found that the stocking stitch was rolling a bit on the fingers, and I didn't make the cuff long enough for my dad.

The second one I made, I had forgotten what needle size I had used for the first one and somehow got it into my head it was a larger needle size, and of course the gadge was way off.

I didn't actually notice this until I got just past the thumb...

So for the third attempt, I knit a swatch, and measured it against the first glove I did, and finally got started on the pair!

These were, ahem... er... supposed to be a Christmas present for my Dad.

I was stern with myself at the weekend and wouldn't let myself cast on for anything else, or work on anything else until I had them finished.

That said, I finished them on Saturday night, then couldn't sew in the ends (which I am Crap at!) until Sunday as the light wasn't very good.

So I cast on for Calorimetry instead :-D

Cast off Sunday and then sewed in the ends of the knucks.

Couldn't wear the calorimetry as didn't have a button to hand, so have to wait and find a suitable one from my button stash today.
Pictures on next post!



At 08:24, Blogger Cheryl said...

Very good! Son-Alex told me yesterday (after seeing Kate's Fetchings) that he would like a pair of fingerless gloves with skull and crossbones on 'em. So, that's added to the list for 2007 (if I can ever finish 2006 list). But your dad's look great! I'll have to have a look at the pattern!


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