6 Dec 2006

Going Down Under

I think that Cheryl got here before me, but what the hell.

Sharon left us on Monday to go down under to New Zealand, stopping first in Hong Kong for a week. Lucky lucky her!

Before she left though, she managed to squeeze some quality time in with the SnB'ers.
I figured that she could do with a little Christmas cheer to get her going, and Cheryl reckoned she needed help with her row counting...

Managed to get a few pics of the WIP's around the table.

This is Brid's WIP, didn't get what she was making though-->

Holly was making a beautiful pair of socks from Hello Yarn, using I think Sundara yarn? Gorgeous.

Eileen was making a cardigan in lovely soft mohair, nice vivid colours.

Cheryl was showing us her recently mastered knitting 2 fetchings on one circular needle, magic loop (I'll probably be needing a coaching session whenever I attempt that!)

And Cheryls daughter Kate was making a fabulous (darling) hat using circular needles, without a whimper of fear. Aged 10. Isn't she great?

Our new friend Chic with stix Diane was making socks, sticking to the tried and tested dpn's (yay for dpn's)

and then showed us what she could do with the scarf on tour

and last but not least, its Sharon again. She's managed to finish all of her WIP's in preparation for leaving, except for this one, and thats doing really well, isn't it? She's bringing this one with her, for airport knitting etc...

Here's the progress she's done so far on it. Just one more to go! The jaywalker pattern looks great in that yarn.

Me? Well I did a bit of work on my Buddy, and have a ball of yarn lined up so i can actually finish it this side of Christmas....yayyyy.

Of course, Sharon had to contribute to the scarf on tour also.

What's the scarf on tour I hear you ask?
Check this out: click on the lion scarf link and then check out the map showing us!
I was contacted by Lauren to ask if we would participate as the Irish contingent, so we are bringing the scarf around to all the knitting groups in or around Dublin and we are all knitting a few rows. Hence the scarf on tour title! Its a-touring around between all the groups. Wonder what length its at now? I should get it back next week sometime hopefully.

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At 20:19, Blogger Cheryl said...

Hey great post! Great minds and all...Loved seeing all the WIPs from Barnies! And your pics of Sharon were just plainly better than mine!


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