1 Dec 2006

The Cat has got the Cream

Insert is a cat feeder which has a timer on it.
Haven't figured out how to use it yet...It makes a great blocker though!

Yes, the cats approve.

Although seeing as Reggie had taken over the shop bought cat bed, you would think he would let Ronnie have the kitty pi.....

No, he had to have it. He'd tested it out before it was felted, and reckoned it passed muster.

Ronnie thinks that this gives him great scope for getting more cuddles though, and he's right.

Please note that the photos containing the most cuddling were not included as were not deemed appropriate to this post.

The Kitty Pi turned out well I thought.

In hindsight (and I did actually think about it when I was knitting it) I should have continued knitting a little longer so that the sides were a bit taller. I didn't because it was a bit of a pain to knit the yarn on the smaller needles that I used , as I said in the previous post. I was a bit relieved to be able to cast off. In saying that, this Homespun is great to knit with on larger needles. If you don't believe me, go and check out my post on the electric picnic and check out how many people chose this yarn over the rest.

Also in hindsight, I shouldn't have used the pink so close to the top of the kitty pi, its very visible there. I started off with 3 skeins of Homespun, in autumnal colours, green, dark wine and aubergine, and I planned on just sticking to these. then I managed to get my hands on some "scraps" of the homespun in other colours and went a bit mad. Its not a bad combination, but pink...., for boys?

You can also get this yarn here, if you fancy going to have a look. Craftspun also have a new range with multicolours, I have a couple of skeins but haven't used them yet. Too busy petting them. I was going to make something for one of my sisters with it bt have decided that I'm going to treat myself instead! And next year is all about me. Totally selfish, but I'm going to knit ME some items.



At 15:10, Blogger Robin said...

Have you sent a pic to Wendy? She'll add the little *cutie* to her gallery! Your's took to it faster than mine...took Ace 3 months to even accept it by laying across it not in it!

At 15:41, Blogger tangelled angel said...

Yes I must do. I think the fact that I had it up on the stool attracted Reggie, they like a bit of height. When I had first finished blocking it, I left it on a rug in front of the fire, and went to work, and when I got home, it was halfway across the room, so there must have been some sort of activity with it!


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