25 Nov 2006

Dublin in the rare ole times

Its been a busy week for me.

I've started a new job and I've also been mysteriously struck with Isobel's cold, even though I haven't seen her for a while. Hmm, do you think these things can be passed on over the internet?? So I haven't really be on form for blogging much.

I have been knitting though, but not a lot, haven't really felt like it much lately can you believe. I think a lot of it is due to starting new projects (despite trying to finish WIP's before doing this) and trying to get gadge several times and then giving up and moving onto something else. Not giving up exactly, just not having the patience to do it there and then.
There are also certain projects that my cats have a field day with, for example if I knit with straights they go mad for the end of the knitting needle, take it as a personal attack.

Looking all innocent cuddled up together

Its easier to knit with dpn's or circulars as a result, although I do confess to preferring knitting with dpns and circ's anyways.

I think the lack of knitting is also down to wanting to knit so many items at the moment, the list I have in my (forgetful) head is just getting longer and longer at the moment. Some of the items I'm wanting to knit are small quick items like Christmas decorations, and some are a little larger and some again are larger still. I recently became the proud owner of the Mason Dixon Knitting book and also Handknit Holidays and I think I want to knit almost every item in both of them (slight exaggeration going on there, can you tell?)

I have been doing a little bit of spinning though
I am very happy to be able to tell you that I have listed and sold a couple of my skeins on ebay recently! That'll go towards starting to pay off the credit card debt.....or maybe just the knitting related credit card debt even......what I'm I saying, its all knitting related practically!!

I have just started spinning a batch of the Blue faced Leicester fibre that I got from Jenny and Warren at Craftspun, and apart from the fact that I have to lock the cats out when I'm doing it,(they like it too) and the fact that its so fine that it leaves little particles all over my trousers, I'm really liking it. Its so much softer than the fibre I usually use which is lovely to work with, not that the other fibre isn't nice, its just different and a different experience to spin. Its similar in feel to merino but much easier to spin. I'm spinning it up in its raw colour and will then dye it I think. I'm going to ply the first batch together (I like plyed) but may try another batch and not ply it
Oh, what are these photo's all about? This is the River Liffey in all its glory. To the right you can see the Ha'Penny Bridge and the the left is O'Connell Bridge. Just thought they were nice sunny wintery pictures. Jim Bob up above there is one of the seagulls that frequent the boardwalk. His name isn't really Jim Bob, you know, I'm only kidding... ;-)

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At 10:19, Blogger Holly said...

Sara, your yarn looks fantastic. Love those colours. Congrats on the ebay sales!! Well done.

At 12:27, Anonymous Egeria said...

Beautiful pictures of Dublin!

Your cats are adorable, maybe they want to knit too?!

I'm in the same 'too much to knit' boat as you. You're not alone! Maybe we should get together for a knit-in someday..:)

Nice seeing you at the Knitting and Stitching show!

At 13:38, Blogger Robin said...

Love the yarn you are spinning! Isn't it funny how the gulls migrate to colder areas? We have them come here in Jan & Feb when we have our coldest temps!

At 09:00, Blogger Cheryl said...

That's some fancy spinning! Love that colour combo!


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