18 Nov 2006

The forgotten sock

You know, I haven't really forgotten this sock, the companion to Budd.
I've been picking it up and workng on it occasionally, its always a good one to fall back on if I am in a hurry and want to bring something with me to knit.
I brought it on our trip to Birmingham and did a bit at the airport before we checked in our bags

I brought it down to Clare with me and did a little bit of work on it here while chilling out

And last night I turned the heel on it.
My main problem is that I'm going to run out of yarn before the end of the sock and I can't get my hands on another ball of Rowan Calmer in black in Ireland! Can you believe that!
I've checked out all the online stores in Ireland and asked Lisa from This is Knit at the knitting and stitching show. Mainly, I'm trying my best not to order online at the moment as my knitty conscious will be telling me that I need to order more than one ball of yarn to make the order worthwhile....and my credit card is screaming at the moment. I may make a plea to SnB to see if anyone has a ball of black calmer in their stash that they'd be willing to swap..if not, then its to the evils of my credit card habit..

Oh and I'm not allowed to cast on for another sock until I finish this. Like Sharon, I'm in a bit of a fever of trying to finish items that I've cast on for for ages. I've been doing other knitting also but can't blog about it here, like a lot of people!! Oh, and go and check out Sharon's blog, she's got a bit of news...

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At 13:56, Blogger Robin said...

I can check the stores on this side of the pond if you like! Just say the word...

At 19:55, Anonymous Isobel said...

I mentioned it on Saturday and it was suggested that you ring Springwools and The Bray Wool Shop. Nobody had any I'm afraid.

At 20:39, Blogger tangelled angel said...

Hmm,I know that Springwools don't have that colour, although they do have calmer (even though they don't show their Rowan supplies on their website)but The Wool Shop may be an option alright. I'll give them a try when i know I can get down there, prob be next weekend at this stage

At 21:05, Blogger Cheryl said...

Yep, how frustrating to get so far and have to locate just one more ball of yarn! Grrr.... And it's such a nice yarn too!

At 21:14, Anonymous anna said...

yum socks in Calmer - scrummy

At 18:11, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

I tried leaving a comment yesterday but Google wasn't having it! Afraid I can't help - I do have some Calmer but only in white or cream! Will keep an eye out for it in the sunny south east.


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