27 Nov 2006

Kitty Pi but no cream...

Yes I do have a couple of finished items to show...finally eh?
First up we have the Kitty Pi. Started back in June, on the excitement of getting 2 new kitties, and then left aside for more exciting things as they came up.
The yarn I used is beautiful, if you have any sense you would get yourself some of it, for your own sanity's sake, but I was knitting it on size 6 mm needles and it needs larger, at least 10mm I would say, so I found it a little difficult to knit it in long stretches.
Hard on the fingers.
In saying that, I finished it off over 2 nights, which was probably about half of the total Kitty Pi. Micheal kept asking me when it would be finished so I kind of was under a bit of pressure, but mainly because the cats are too big now to fit into their bed together and Reggie has claimed it for himself, so I felt that Ronnie needed a bed too.
So here is the first of many pictures of the finished article, pre-felting.
I have felted it last night and its in the drying out phase now. More pics to come of that when its ready to rock and roll.
This is a good one to show you the Kitty Pi hot off the needles, ends not weaved in yet.

Then, ta-da.....ends weaved in and an idea of what it will be like when felted.
But whats this? Reggie has discovered the Kitty Pi.
Yep, it fits, so far.

Lets see what it can do if he stretchs out a bit

Yes, this will do me, tell Ronnie he can have that old shop bought cat bed, this is MINE.

Ronnie: Does it look like I care, hmm?

I've got a Mason Dixon washcloth to lean on, so there!



At 21:03, Anonymous Isobel said...

I can't wait to see the felted pictures.

Aren't the washcloths addictive? I'm on the lookout for some chenille for the octagonal one.

At 09:02, Blogger Cheryl said...

It's weird, Sara, for the longest time I haven't been seeing your posts through my Bloglines and now I see I've been missing the last 3 or 4 posts? I wonder what's up? Anyway, all the best on the new job and the kitty bed is a cutie!

At 20:02, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Love the colours you have used on the kitty bed - looking forward to seeing the felted version.

At 09:38, Anonymous Anonymous said...

your kitties are just the cutest, and the bed looks so tempting i won't be surprised if both of them decide to fight for it =)

anyway, nov has ended, dec is coming, and with any luck, another parcel will go a-flying.


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