3 Dec 2006


Well. I discovered this fantastic site a while back and have since grown to love it. I've bought a couple of items only recently from it for Christmas presents, and today took the massive leap of creating my own shop!
2 hour it took me to list some items on it but here we go....here's the link and I'll be adding to it as I can...wish me luck!
Ok, blogger is behaving strangely tonight, but here is the actual link which will get you to my shop...-->
Tangelled Angel

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At 02:56, Blogger Robin said...

Good Luck...but then again your are Irish, you have luck on your side!
I love the Christmas Trees! Did you create the pattern?

At 11:10, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Well as a very lcuky recipent of one of these trees I can honestly say they are really cool. Mine is enroute to New Zealand for Christmas!


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