12 Nov 2006

Myla's Happy Head Scarf

I made this headscarf for Myla, daughter of a friend of mine Angela, back in June/ July.

Do you remember it??

Looks like she likes it anyways! Its a perfect fit.

Glad I put on 3 buttons so that Angela can vary the positioning on her, especially as she grows bigger. Isn't she cute?

Myla isn't too bad either har har!

You know, I may even make one of these for myself....hmmmmm

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At 19:27, Blogger The Skirt said...

That's really cute - what pattern did you use?

At 10:32, Blogger tangelled angel said...

You know, I am not sure exactly where I got it, think I got it off the net somewhere. Will hunt it out and post it later


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