15 Nov 2006

Secret Pal goodies

Well I arrived home on friday to find a note in the door from my postie saying that I had 2 parcels waiting for me in my post office. Talk about frustrating! This post office that holds onto parcels for people who are not in when they call are manned from something like 10-15.00 hours (well my local one is anyway) which totally rules it out for people that actually work during these hours. I think I posted about this before, its a total pain.
So I gave it to my Mum and pleaded with her to pick them up for me on Monday, as she was flying out to Arizona the next morning to visit my brother and sister-in-law, and you know what its like trying to get last minute things done before holidays. Luckily, she was persuaded, and I called in to see them (not just to collect the parcels!) that evening. Anyway, had a lovely dinner there with them also, and came home that night to open up the parcels.
Unfortunately, I can't blog about them as I can't find my cable to transfer the photos from my digital camera to my laptop so all I can say here at the moment (until I turn the house upside down tonight looking for it) is that they are fantastic goodies and my SP has gone to a lot of trouble to get them to me! Thanks SP and pics hopefully tonight.....


At 14:37, Blogger Robin said...

What a tease! I can't wait to see what's in the packages!! Hope your SP was good to you!


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