15 Nov 2006

THE actual goodies!

Yes, I found my cable. Finally.

Even looked under the bed.

Where was it?

In another room.

I have no recollection of bringing it into this other room.

So here we are.

Guess where the first of the 2 packages came from?

What was in this package?

And what was in this package?

Some tea bag makers (i.e. the means to make your own teabags from loose tea). Very handy indeed especially after my purchases of tea at Whittards in Birmingham!

A lovely little note pad with a note from my SP inside it (which leads me to believe she is living in Singapore)
Some lovely fragrent oil which smells light, floraly and fresh

Some ocean smelling incense sticks and burner, of which I have used already

Chocolate. Couldn't miss out on the chocolate!

The second parcel, yes second parcel boys and girls, contained this lovely soft merino yarn in the most lovely of colours, and when I smelt it, as I have to do, it smells of lavendar, yummy.
Here's a close up, just so you can see it better, not to make you jealous or anything...

It came with some samples of all the yarns that this store deals with, and I was there salivating for a little while. The kitties couldn't understand what was going on with me.

Oh and of course I had to try both of the bars of chocolate, just to work out which one I preferred best! They are both lovely, the milk chocolate is smooth and cocoa tasting (funnily enough) and the dark chocolate is not bitter at all, tastes like a darker version of the milk, if you know what I mean!

So thank you Secret Pal, whoever and wherever you are. You went to a lot of trouble and I love both packages!

Ronnie couldn't get over the excitement of it all.

Look at that lovely brown paw pad he's showing you. He's giving you a high five SP! Kitty style.



At 19:26, Blogger Robin said...

OOOOOOOhhhhh! Great Goodies!

Look at Ronnie's white belly..I didn't realize he has white spots!

At 07:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, I am convinced that your Secret Pal isn´t from Singapore, but from Japan (if she really is from Singapore she must have imported everything). "Meji" is THE company for sweets in Japan - I bought lots of Meji sweets when I was there - and the teabagmaker is written in Japanese, as well as the aromaoil fragrance (and yes, I can read it!). I could translate it, if the photo was closer. And the design of the outer package with the heart on it looks typical Japanese to me too. Wow, you´re lucky! Many Greetings from Germany.


At 08:03, Blogger Diane said...

Oh I love Artyarns! The colourway looks fab!

At 13:15, Blogger Sharon said...

Fantastic goodies all the way from Singapore - what are your plans for the yarn?

At 18:01, Blogger tangelled angel said...

bugger, lost the comment I just wrote.
Yes Ronnie and Reggie both have these white marks, but I think Reg only has 2 of them, under his chin and one along his body.
Re the yarn, I have been very busy carressing it and smelling it and havent a clue what to knit with it as yet....any suggestions?

At 05:22, Anonymous Anonymous said...

kitty high-five to ronnie! =) glad the goodies are so well-received. and yes, i know how you feel about the yarn samples from sarah...i had the exact same reaction the first time i ordered yarn from her.

christmas package in the planning...what's going to be in that one? ;)


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