30 Oct 2006

Only a knitter can understand

We were at the Knitting and Stitching show in Birmingham, of which I never blogged about because it seemed a little pointless so far after the event, especially after subjecting everyone to endless posts about the Electric picnic so far after the event again, (take a breath..) and one of the items that myself Isobel and Sharon were keeping an eye out for was one of those nifty gadge/ruler/needle sizer things that Cheryl had with her, as she had whipped it out to check her gadge on her fetchings in the hotel bar as we sat and knit earlier.
We were disappointed. There wasn't so much as a hint of anything that looked anyway like this, not to mention any other little item we were desperately (well not really) searching for.
I was at Stitch N Bitch last weekend, and it was winding up and people were getting themselves and their knitting together to go, when Cheryl pulled these out of her bag and said she had a friend coming over from the States and she asked him to get his hands on one of the gadge sizer thingy's for us. She threw in the T blocking pins also as he had brought over more of these than she had asked for. I was very touched. Wasn't that nice of her?? Thanks Cheryl!



At 20:00, Anonymous Cheryl said...

It's fun to spread the joy......you're very welcome!

At 20:58, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sara,I finally found how to let a message...I must admit that I had to study a bit.I've been back to work for 2 weeks now I think. I just manage to catch up with a bit of sleep.I hope you're doing well as much with knitting as in the rest of your life,by the way how is Michael(sorry for the spelling) doing?
Take care

At 21:14, Blogger Diane said...

that gauge thingy is a wonderful gadget. I use mine all the time, however, I'm not all that sure that it works for me...I just think it does.

At 12:04, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

I believe I'm to be the recipient of one too - very exciting!!!

At 05:36, Blogger April said...

Oh my! Let me know if you need more...I'll mail you some. Such a simple thing to share and I was sure you had those over there!!! It's fun to have useful little tools like those. ;)

At 09:54, Blogger The Guppy said...

Oh! There's an even better one! The Susan Bates one just does US sizes. There's one by Nancy's Knits (or something like that) that does U.S. and European sizes for both knitting and crochet. Let me know and I'll pick up a bunch. drop me a note!


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