29 Oct 2006


I have been a very bad girl.
I've let my heart get ahead of myself, and the head is now telling it how bold it is.

I've been busy buying magazines all round me.
First up is 2 magazines from Phildar.
I ordered the english version, which means I got the french full version, plus a seperate english version minus all the pictures and adds etc.

I love love love several items from each of these. Its going to be hard not to want to knit them all.

Next up is the new Yarn Forwardmagazine.
Its not bad, its the first magazine and has some good articles in it about shaping your knits to suit your body shape, how to spin using a drop spindle (Isobel?) and has a good selection of knits in it. There are a couple of patterns I may try.

Next is Knitscene Fall issue.
I loved the previous issue of this, it had several items that I would make, none of which I have made (yet) but this one didnt capture my attention the same way, in fact it looked as if there were less items in it than the previous one. Actually, I've just checked and there are only 30 in this issue compared to 44 in the last
Still, there are a couple of items that I have marked to try out and I will be doing so (I'll just add them to the list!)

Finally is the Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts
I haven't really had a good look through this yet, but on first glance through it, I like the Spiral Hat, the Larkspur Hat and Scarf and the Ooh La Loopy Hats for kids. Nothing else really took my attention and there looked like there were one or two items in it that I've seen before.
I ordered this before I read about and commented on the issues that Donni was having with receiving issues of Interweave press, these last 2 magazines were ordered together and luckily only took a week to get to me, which was surprising given all the problems with Interweave.
I still havent received my winter issue of Interweave, although I'm not expecting it for another while, seeing as I live on a different planet, being in Ireland and all!

Okay, I drafted this post a couple of days ago and didnt get to post it until now, and since then I have received another, yes another magazine through the post.
This is from one of my subscriptions, and I was very happy about getting it as it came with a knitting calender for next year,

until I went to Borders yesterday and discovered that they hadn't sent me the Rowan magazine that was supposed to come with it also......



At 08:58, Anonymous Cheryl said...

Well, with all that inspiration around you, you realise we'll be expecting great knitted things flying off your needles in the next few months! :-)

At 13:06, Anonymous Isobel said...

Very bold Sara! So many magazines! I'd been considering Yarn Forward and the Interweave Holiday gifts but decided against them for now. Although, spinning...


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