19 Oct 2006

Homespun Mouse

Remember I showed you the baby shoes I made with my homespun?

Here it is before I started knitting with it

Reggie was impatient with me taking photo's of the yarn, he wanted to be the Star attraction!

And here it is. The finished mouse. Squeek squeek

Little does it know what fate has in store for it

Oh yes Reggie, get in there, you big mouser you! Look at him licking his lips!

Needless to say, the mouse is a HUGE hit with both Ronnie and Reggie, and is now minus its tail, but still going strong. Reggie picks it up and carries it over to a corner to play with it himself. A pure Ratter.



At 14:48, Blogger Holly said...

Hey Sara, Your yarn is beautiful.

At 14:36, Blogger Robin said...

Love your yarn...and my goodness how the "kitties" have grown!

At 21:27, Blogger Gina said...

Oh man, I don't which is cuter: that mouse you made or that cat!


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