27 Oct 2006

beta blogger

Just in response to Cheryl's comment on the last post:

Pro's of Beta:
I have a gmail account already and when I want to moderate comments from there it brings me straight into my blog without having to log in again. Like now.
You can apparently change your template/or customise the way you want it to look. the jury is out on this one, I havent attempted it yet....but plan to. I'll update when I try!
No difference in leaving comments on peoples blogs if they have other provider like wordpress etc or if they have also upgraded to beta
I can add labels for each post I create, similar to wordpress.

It won't allow me to post as me on bloggers blogs who havent upgraded to beta yet.
Oh yes, Ive just found another one when I tried to post this post. When signing in directly to blogger (as I can't remeber the beta blogger address) I have to sign in to blogger and then am asked to sign in again using my gmail account address, although it does default into my username. An extra step.
Thats the only con I've found so far, but it is a pain.

I will have to test drive the knitting bag soon, I have been feeling strange about bringing it outside so far, its as if I want attention to the fact I'm a knitter or something!
Maybe I should walk down the road knitting, with the bag over my arm or something ala subway knitter person on the 1st of Sept post.

Oh, and check out the retro fabrics at Yarn.ie, they will be at the knitting and stitching show in the RDS next week....yummy fabrics...



At 14:21, Blogger Robin said...

I migrated to BetaBlogger and though I have found the same "con" as you mentioned on your blog...I have found it much easier to upload pics! I had to do a lot of html work to bring in all my links and extra stuff I had on my blog...but that would have been necessary if I simply changed templates in regular blogger.
Good luck!


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