18 Oct 2006

Lists of favourites as requested....

I was asked by our Secret Pal 9 Hostess Shelby to list my favorite:

Actor -Aidan Quinn, hands down
Actress -Jane Horrocks (think Absolutely Fabulous for those non Irish/UK people reading this....or Little Voice)
Animal - The Kitty Cat of course!
Band - Juliet Turner (at the moment) or Damien Rice
Book -The Time Travellors Wife
Bubble Bath - Lush bath bombs
Candy - Green and Blacks organic chocolate or Cadbury's Flake "Only the crumliest flakiest chocolate..."
Color -Orange
Drink- good old ordinary Tea! With only a drop of milk please.
Flower - Fresia, or daiseys
Food - Chocolate!!!Or okay then, Lasagne as chocolate wouldnt really be classed as food really...love Lasagne
Lip Balm - Boots Spearmint Lipsalve, tastes as if you could eat it, or else Clinique nude balm or good old vaseline
Lotion - The Sanctuary products
Movie - Amelie
Place-Co. Clare, Ireland
Song - Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen
TV Show - Coronation Street(!) or Strictly Come Dancing
Yarn- Noro yarns, but love all of them, can't get enough!!
Vacation Spot - Rome or Paris....or Australia, or Scotland...or...or...or


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