16 Aug 2006

Secret Parcel

Secret Pal 8 is coming to an end, and this is the final parcel all bundled up ready to send to the person I'm spoiling.
Obviously it is the back of it cos I don't want to show the world her address!I will be getting to the post office this lunchtime to send it.
So I hope she gets it soon, and I hope she likes what I have put in it. Its definately the best of the 3 and I had to cellotape the box shut as it was so full.

So here is some of the roving I'm spinning on my NEW spinning wheel.
Its spinning up nicely, my main issue is trying to keep the roving away from kitties paws, as they are very interested in it!
Ronnie has actually sat on my treadling leg while I've been spinning, watching everything with interest. Made the spinning a bit harder, but a nice spinning memory.

I have been doing a lot of experimenting with dyeing the roving using Kool-aid, trying to find out combinations that I like.

Some of the kool-aid comes out with better colours than others. I will be mixing colours the next time and see what combinations I come up with.

At the moment, its hard to do any more as my bathroom is chocablock with roving hanging from every available hanging space!
Its been raining here the last few days so I can't hang it outside at the moment.

I think at this stage that I will wait and see how some of this spins up first before I go ahead and dye some more, just in case I decide I don't like the way I'm doing it!


At 20:05, Anonymous Cheryl said...

Well, guess I'll just have to join the sorority of spinners. My wheel is being shipped today (or so they say). Addressed to the REPUBLIC of Ireland. It'll be just like Christmas! Then I can spin too (without kitten on my leg though)!


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