15 Aug 2006

The Knitted Picnic

OOh, so excited!!!

Remember the post where I mentioned we had an Agenda to discuss, not just knitting and chat?

Well, the silence has been broken and we can now disclose what it is.

We have been invited to the Electric Picnic in order to teach people to knit at it.
Can you believe that?
There are a core few of us that will be there over the weekend, and a few other volunteers (hopefully) from SnB who will come down on Saturday and Sunday.
Im sure its not too much of a hardship for us!
We are anticipating between 60-100 people a day and it will be a great way to promote knitting, our SNB group, and knitting in Ireland.

We have a theme- The Knitted Picnic. What you think, cool eh?

Anyway, coming down to details, we are planning a knitted blanket, and some of us are knitting food items for the picnic (I'm on cupcakes!).
We are asking people in the SnB group to join us in some way,even if they can't make the electric picnic themselves, we need help to make a picnic blanket.
The picnic blanket will be donated to charity after the event.

So if you feel like joining us in spirit, we are asking for knitted square donations.
Just one 10" square in yarn from your stash, weight, colour, pattern etc doesn't matter – the most important part is that it's a square of 10 inches that you'd be proud to display in our blanket.
Email me if you feel that you would like to contribute to the blanket, or leave me a comment and I'll contact you.

Just think...your square could have pride of place in the blanket (right next to my cupcakes...)

And if you will be at the Electric Picnic yourself, come over and say hi!
We would love to meet you!


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