17 Aug 2006

Secret Pal ending.... ;,,-(

You know that out there in the world wide web, people are posting about their secret pal's and the parcels they have received from them, and how thrilled they are with their secret pal's gifts and how amazing they have been.
Nothing compares to my secret pal. Just letting you know, don't be tooo envious now or anything, she may be yours the next time round if you are very very good...
I arrived home to a very unusually shaped package yesterday.
After I wrestled with all the sellotape holding it together, I gave in and went and found a sissors. (Thats fairly normal for me, hate to have to give in to using sissors when I'm convinced that I can sort it out myself!)
It was wrapped up so well, I couldnt get over the care you took in wrapping it SP!
Inside was this lovely box, all soft and cushiony on top
Here's a close up of the flower on top

Inside was this brilliant note, and she swapped colours when talking about different items in the box. Brilliant.
Underneath this was a packet of Haighs chocolate, containing 4 chocolate bunnies (of which there are only 3 now....)
Very yumm indeed.
Then there was a packet of scented soap paper which you can use when camping, or at festivals or somewhere similare.
I know somewhere that this will come in very useful in the near future! (Check This out if you wonder what on earth I'm talking about!)
Is my SP psyhcic? I'm sure that I only blogged about that this week....although we (Sharon, Isobel, Holly, Cheryl) have been talking about it now between us for a couple of weeks now.

Anyway, there was also some lovely beads and some earring holders. For some reason I couldn't get a good picture of these so they are a bit blurry
The most amazing silk scarf that my SP handpainted herself, its gorgeous, lovely colours too.
But wait!
Leaving the best until last, here is a skein of a lucious silk and wool mix called Ocean Spray. It is truelt the nicest feeling yarn I have ever had the pleasure to own, or smell!
Here's a close up
Oh, what to knit with it......

Of course the boys wanted in on the action also.
After playing with the bag that came wrapped around the box inside the packaging, I gave in and let them have it.........and the box too.....

Oh okay, I didnt play with it, they did.

Ronnie gave us a lovely view of his bum as he tried to fit the whole of him inside the box.
As soon as he got distracted by something else (easily done at the moment) Reggie also tried to get in on the fun.

Secret Pal.....thank you so much! I think I know who you are but let me know...just in case I'm wrong....


At 14:15, Blogger Robin said...

LOVE THAT BOX--and the kitties are happy too!

At 17:13, Blogger Holly said...

Absolutely Cool!! I may need to do the Secret Pal thing next year. What a lot of thought went into all your amazing gifts. Great job to the SECRET PAL!!

At 01:32, Blogger chocolatetrudi said...

It arrived! It arrived! Wheeeee!

Okay. I have to admit, it took me an hour to wrap the parcel. I didn't realise it at the time. I put a cd on, gathered together the bubble wrap, card and tape, and started working, and when it was done I realised the cd had well and truly finished.

As a friend of mine said last night, with irony, "oh, I've never known you to become so absorbed in doing something that you lost all track of time".

The bilby is not a bunny, I'm afraid. It's a marsupial - a tiny relative to the kangaroo. It's the Aussie version of the Easter Bunny.

I'm so glad you liked the gifts. And that the kittens liked it too. They are so adorable!

Your Secret Pal

At 04:12, Anonymous Donni said...


At 16:26, Blogger tangelled angel said...

OOps, and it says Bilby on the back as well! Just as well I had one left to check it out!! Thanks a million ChocolateTrudi, you have been a great Secret Pal!

At 21:12, Blogger Kylie said...

You are one very lucky girl:) I just LOVE that box!


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