16 Aug 2006

Release your Inner Sheep!

Wooly Wormhead has put up a sheep challenge, for all you sheepish people out there!
Check out all the info on her blog.
The challenge is to take as many photos of sheep, not real life sheep out in the fields (damn it, there are so many around!) but to take photo's of sheep on products or on programmes etc.
I think I can do this!!

Basically the guidelines are as follows:

* No normal, grass munchin' real life sheep shots.
* To throw caution to the wind and be tutted at whilst taking photographs.
* The more obscure, the better. Even if they're on a packet of tampons, they're snapped.
* Photos clearly showing the Sheep and their (if appropriate) product.
* Update as and when the moment occurs. No pressure, no deadline.
* Bare in mind animal welfare at all times (love that sheep!)


At 10:45, Blogger Woolly Wormhead said...

Brilliant! So reassuring to have someone else share the madness ;) Sheep it is then!


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