24 Jul 2006

Saturday knitting

So, we had a little get together on Saturday, minus Isobel who was off galavanting with her sock.
We missed her though.
We knit outside until it started to spit rain, then came inside to the kitchen table.
We almost felt guilty eating the fab strawberries that Sharon brought all the way from Wexford.
Famous Wexford Strawberries.
Cheryl took some photos of the desserts we had, especially for Isobel.Check it out on her blog!The skein is my Campino skein which is on ebay at the moment.
The kitties were in flying form, and very pleased with the amount of knitting that was going on as there was so much yarn movement to pounch on!
Luckily, they got tired out half way through and went for a snooze. The life of a cat eh?
I did feel guilty as their claws are especially sharp at the moment and they will take a swipe at anything that moves (like yarn when its being knit...)
So, sorry girls if any of you got any scratches!

Sharon was busy knitting her baby sweater with some lovely varigated blue yarn, check out her blog for more information on what it will look like when its finished.
Cheryl was knitting her intarsia square cushion cover, it looks very intricate, but is coming out lovely!

And finally, Holly, who has finally got a blog (go girl!) was knitting a cardigan from Rowan 39 in a beautiful green mohair.

Check out the Yarn she spun for Sharon!

Me, I did a bit of Budd knitting, almost at the toe!!

Note: I saved this post and the previous post as a draft yesterday and hence they have gone in PRIOR to the last post I made. That's why my moaning post about blogger is still top of this page. Didn't cop for a minute why...but thats why!


At 15:45, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Didn't all the pics come out well. Once again we managed not to have a photo of you or your WIPs - how does that keep happening? Thanks for providing the venue!

At 15:53, Blogger tangelled angel said...

Well I can always take a picture of Budd enjoying the sunshine this evening and post it for you if you want? Thanks for the strawberries, they were lovely, and we finished them off later on!

At 17:50, Anonymous Cheryl said...

What a great day! Thanks for hosting...

At 00:54, Anonymous Donni said...

Interesting shots of your friends knitting techniques...they all hold the needles continental style....cool - just like me....


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