17 Aug 2006

Releasing sheeps

Okay, I'm Releasing my Inner Sheep with this sheep money box that I bought while in Clare, specifically to save money for yarn in.
So I think its almost appropriate, doncha think?

Its a start anyway, until I hit the shops with my hidden camera.

I'll wear a wide brimmed hat that covers part of my face, a cloak to hide the camera under....and um, maybe an umbrella to ward off anyone trying to come wrestle the camera off me...like management or other inner sheep releasers who saw the products first....


At 14:14, Blogger Robin said...

Oh how cute! A very appropriate first picture!

At 15:36, Blogger Woolly Wormhead said...

Indeedy, a very appropriate first picture! I didn't disguise myself when taking pictures of Ale in the supermarket... could be even more fun to dress up ;)

At 18:33, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

That's a cool money box - I have a pig one myself!

At 00:00, Blogger jussi said...

this is very tempting! sounds like a lot of fun

At 15:50, Blogger Gill said...

Hi - postman brought my favourite parcel so far this morning. Thank you so much. The felted bowl, in particular is lovely!

Thank you for being a great SP8 Secret Pal.

At 16:33, Blogger tangelled angel said...

Hey maybe you could design a knitted hat disguise Wooly Wormhead!!
I have more photo's, just not the time at the mo to post them

At 21:08, Blogger Kylie said...

Very cute my money box is a boring old ANZ pig:)


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