24 Jul 2006

Thank you Secret Pal...yet again!!

It is with a lot of awe that I display the following photo's.
I'm in awe, because my Secret Pal hasn't been well, she's had the flu, and has been laid up at home with it,
yet she still manages to buy such amazing things for me, and send them to me, at a not very small postage, all the way from Australia.
She is No.1, an amazing secret pal, and I will be very happy at the end of this exchange, to get to know her a bit better.
So, thank you Secret Pal, from the bottom of my heart, it makes me happy that there are people in the world like you!!!
Here's the complete picture.

A skein of Lisa Souza yarn in fabulous colours.
Chupa Chupps
Green and Black organic choccy (my favourite!)
New Leaf Chocolate Fudge cake fragrance
A lovely note with hand drawn pictures of knitting and yarn

Here's a close up of the yarn, which smells yummy!

I'm not sure what to knit with it yet. Socks? Fingerless Mitts like Fetching?
Pomatomus, Jaywalker....or something else....hmmm...so many decisions!
And WHAT a name! Its brilliant.

And yes, this does smell like Chocolate fudge cake, would almost make you want to lick the top of the bottle...but probably not such a good idea.

Just have to burn a bit of it now and find some yum choc fudge cake to eat at the same time.
Can't have toooo much of a good thing!
Luckily, this time I can smell it..


At 07:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh! My goodness. I only just found this post!

I'm glad you liked the yarn and goodies. I have to admit, I bought two of those chocky fudge cake fragrant oil bottles - one for me to sniff and get high on as well.

I've just been putting together the third parcel and I reckon it's the yummiest yet. This one's theme is Feels Good. Can't wait to spoil you with it!

Secret Pal


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