19 Jul 2006

Kitty updates, with a hint of knitting

Ronnie- determined to get in on the action. I had a cushion covering my (exposed and very scrapped from kitty claws) legs and my knitting on top of it (with the yarn cake tucked behind me---I'm learning!) and next thing this little head appears.
Kittens looking like they are one with 2 heads. In reality, Reggie is on top of Ronnie and they were fighting until I got the water bottle out. Thats what they are looking at. They actually had a quiet moment......for about 5 seconds.

So the kitties were allowed outside to the back garden for the first time yesterday. They had a good sniff around, investigated a bit, then went back inside again. It was too hot for them. They went out later on.

But first, I had to bring them to the vet to get their shots.
This wasn't as traumatic (for me) as I thought it would be.
After all that fresh air, the excitement of going on a trip in the car and a new place to have a sniff around, the kitties were wrecked!
Although Ronnie tried to get a bit of newspaper reading in before he finally sucumbed to the sleepiness.

Ah, you thought you could take a sneaky photo without me noticing, didn't ya!
Did you spot the hint of knitting?


At 15:28, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

The hint of knitting? No, unless it's there at the bottom of the first pic!

At 15:34, Blogger tangelled angel said...

Yes, its at the bottom of the first pic, just wanted to see if you were paying attention!

At 00:23, Blogger chocolatetrudi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 01:34, Blogger KnitPastis said...

Awhhh, they are so darn cute! I keep telling my dad to get two kittens at the sametime. They would keep each other company.

At 10:17, Anonymous Cheryl said...

I'm thinking these two tiny tots have the run of the house...you're not spoiling them are you? :-)

At 12:21, Blogger tangelled angel said...

The kitties aren't getting tooo spoiled, just the usual spoiling that any baby gets, they get a firm NO if they do something wrong and the spray bottle has been out on a number of occasions, and they are learning from it (e.g. when Reggie jumped up onto kitchen table he got a spray and the next time he did it, I said NO firmly and he jumped off again and ran).
They only have the run of the sitting room and kitchen and I leave them in the kitchen just overnight.They definately do keep each other company, where one goes. the other isn't usually far behind!

At 23:43, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I spotted da knittin'!

Awwww! Those kittens are soooooo cuuuuute! And very photogenic.


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