13 Jun 2006

Have sock heel, will travel

Hi, Budd here again. Just wanted to show you the progress that Sara has made on me. As you can see, she has finally managed to turn my heel. Don’t know what has been keeping her really! She may get me and my partner finished in time for winter…and she’s knitting us in Rowan Calmer, the eeejit.

She has put me down for a rest while herself and Micheál travel back from Co. Clare in his newly acquired jeep. Its pretty comfy I can tell you!

Note from Sara:

I have signed up for the Have Socks, Will Travel, which is great because I have been keeping a little sock travelling diary anyway! Click on the button and you can see what the others are getting up to.


At 15:21, Blogger KnitPastis said...

Looks like your almost done! I wished I could knit while in a car. I would get so much more done!

At 17:33, Blogger tangelled angel said...

I have found I can knit certain things in the car. Mainly items that don't require any concentration, or that I can knit without looking at the knitting. Some of the bumpy roads in the rural parts of Ireland have thrown me a bit, give me a sick stomach, but in general I have no problems!
So, one sock almost done and the second to go...


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