10 Jul 2006

Introducing- The Kray Twins

Meet Ronnie
and Reggie

Our 2 new bundles of mischief.
What do 2 kitties do when they have quite a few kitty toys to play with?
They find yarn and play with that.

But all that playing tires wee kitties out.
So, I didn't have the time I thought I would have to dye roving at the weekend, my time was spent playing and sorting out these 2 fellas.
I did do a lot of drum carding on Friday night, and sorted out what I was going to do with the 3 sachets of kool-aid that I do have.
I also finished these:
For Myla.
Hope they fit!
The button version has 3 buttons so that it can be made smaller if needed
Now, onto the Kitty Pi that I started last night for the kitties from Homespun I got from Craftspun Yarns


At 15:21, Blogger Baa Bonny Belle said...

Ronnie has the "big" eyes for the camera. How cute. How long till they find the yarn stash? Our two house cats, several years ago as kittens, found my Fair Isle basket...came home from camping and the yarn was a maze of ten colors strung under every piece of furniture in the great room. I decided laughing was better for my blood pressure, cut off the ends and went about my knitting. :) Enjoy Ronnie and Reggie.

At 18:25, Blogger Robin said...

ADORABLE kittens! I want to get a new kitten but the old, grouchy, very spoiled Mr. Ace won't allow it!

At 02:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

They're adorable! And so are the kittens ;P

Secret Pal

At 19:20, Blogger Holly said...

Really darling kittens. Hope you can train them to hate yarn. Head scarfs are really cute too.


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