13 Jul 2006

I just have to get over taking the kitty photos and then it will be back to knitting....

Ronnie has decided to help me with my wool winding, and the perfect place to read the instructions is actually IN the wool winder box.
I think he looks a bit purplexed at it all though.

So, wool winding over with, instructions have been read and filed away for future use, time for some ball play. The golf balls are definately better at rolling on the tiled floor
But you know what? THIS is so much more fun! What a great invention!

Yep, can definately fit both of us in here at the moment, but what will we do when we get bigger?
One kitty and a bit of fleece later....

Can I make this my new bed? It fits me purrfectly


At 00:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You'll get back to knitting when you get over taking kitty pictures? But that could take years!

Secret Pal

At 15:27, Blogger Robin said...

They are SO cute! Keep the stories coming!

At 22:54, Anonymous Cheryl said...

Guess you'll have to amend your description of yourself now that you have 'an animal or two'!

At 18:25, Blogger Woolly Wormhead said...

They are so adorable! Reminds me so much of when my 2 were babes. Take as many photos as you can of them this size, as they soon got bigger.

Just been reading about your using of he drum carder... am thinking of getting one of the mini Louet ones in the future.. would you say it was worth the investment, compared to hand carders?

At 09:37, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

I must admit I'm not the greatest cat fan but your kitties are cute! Hope ye are having fun. Don't worry about the knitting it's too hot anyway.


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