12 Jul 2006

Change of font

Okay so I started messing around with my blog template this morning and next thing you know, I have changed the font.
This is a font I use all the time at work, but I'm not so sure of it on the blog.
What do YOU think about it, does it work or is it too all over the place???


At 21:34, Blogger Holly said...

I like the font. Only wish I could make that mistake on mine. Holly

At 23:49, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like it. It's casual and friendly, yet easy to read.

Secret Pal

At 12:39, Anonymous Significant Other Half said...

yes very nice font indeed. However the photos aren't appearing, i wonder is it just my work pc though. Can't see the kitties

At 12:47, Blogger tangelled angel said...

Hmm, thats strange. I can see the photo's no problem and haven't heard otherwise. maybe its your PC? Has anyone else had probs viewing the pictures? I have decreased the resolution on them so that there wouldn't be problems loading them.

At 13:01, Anonymous Cheryl said...

I can see the lovely kitties just fine, but then again, I'm a Mac owner using Safari...everything's clearer with a Mac! :-) Re font, I'd ask what pleases you? Since your blog is a virtual extension of yourself, if you like it, then fair play to ya!

At 00:18, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can see them fine, and I'm using a PC.

Secret Pal

At 08:51, Anonymous Donni said...

All looks good to me - I want to get me some of those WIP's bars - can you let me know a source?


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