5 Nov 2006

Knitting and Stitching in Dublin city

I was stuck in work until 4.30 on Thursdayy and the other girls were living it up in the Knitting and Stitching Show in the RDS.
4.30 came and out the door I flew, battled the traffic across the city, got a very handy parking space around the corner from the RDS and then I was in.
Phew. Made it!
Met up with the knitty girls upstairs outside the Weavers Spinners and Dyers Guild (of which I am a member!) where Juliet my spinning teacher, was also giving a spinning wheel a test run.
First off was Cheryl's hair, which is lovely, second of all came the news that Sharon is moving to the other side of the world for a year! To New Zealand, land of the finest wool!
We caught up for a while, then came the slow process of trying to move towards the door, as Isobel had to get to dinner with friends, and Cheryl and Holly were on the way home, after being all day at the show with the guilds.

Holly's drool worthy yarn
Myself and Sharon stayed for a while, perusing the fine yarn at the show.
Then Sharon left me to the evils of my demon mind, telling me that I just HAD to buy this and HAD to buy that....and that all of it would be put to good use.
Okay, I did buy yarn, I admit it.
BUT all of it was towards an intended (victim) person.

Some of the yarn I bought, of which only the Rowan tapestry is actually for me,and no SP stuff here neither!

Okay, the blue faced leicester roving I got isn't actually classed as yarn...yet, but I had to have it. Demon mind.
I got yarn for my secret pal
I got yarn to make wristwarmers for my Dad, as he thought mine were a great invention and actually requested a pair!
I got yarn to make some items for some members of my family and of course I can't really say at the moment...
I got a couple of other items that are destined as presents also.
So there you go, more stash enhancement, but NO, they will all be used by chrimbo!!
Jenny and Warren from Craftspun didn't mind me stopping by for a chat and then coming back to have another drool over their yarn
Lisa from This is Knit was having a great time meeting up with all us bloggers also. Can you see the fantastic Clapotis hanging up? Lovely and soft, this was done by knit-wit herself who was too shy to get into the photo.

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At 13:34, Blogger Robin said...

WOW...thanks for sharing!
One more reason I need to come to Ireland!

At 18:22, Anonymous Cheryl said...

I'm so glad you got pictures at Craftspun and This Is Knit! I had my camera and had good intentions but still no photos.....

At 15:58, Blogger Diane said...

what a great pictorial! I truly enjoyed it...


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