5 Sep 2006

The Electric Knitted Picnic

Wow, what a weekend!
It was truely amazing, and I kept on saying it until I'm sure my co-knitters were sick of it, but I couldn't believe the response we had to our little knitting tee-pee.
Right from the start there was interest, we had no sooner placed out our knitted picnic and our knitted blanket in the tee-pee when people started coming over.

We hardly had time to take a swig of water and we were away teaching people how to knit, how to hold the needles, how to work the wool, baby!(didn't get any wool smellers though).
Interestingly enough, the majority of interest on Saturday came from guys!
We had lots of guys coming over and saying give me a go, I can do that....em....its a bit tricky....this is HARD!
And finally, it gave way to, just wait until I finish this row.....

Belfast boy of an unknown name....did really well

This guy came back the next day to collect his work of art from us, well done Conor!!

Caroline from Longford will be dropping into our meetings whenever she comes to Dublin again. Check out the big needles!

and we even had ballgowns!!

Sharon and Isobel both have great accounts of the knitted picnic on their blogs so go and check them out!

I will be back with more though, you havent gotten away that lightly......


At 16:32, Blogger Robin said...

Looks like you had a GREAT time!

At 13:05, Blogger KnitPastis said...

Wow, cool looking food:) the blanket is like a piece of art!


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