1 Sep 2006

Yarn for Electric Picnic

Ok the time of the Electric Picnic is approaching fast and I finally have some photos to show you of the yarn we have bought from Craftspun to use at it.
Sorry if they take a bit of time to open, I'm using my sisters PC and cant find a way of changing the properties on it!
Here they are after being wound into cakes.


We met up last Saturday to do the normal Stitch n Bitch things, but also to discuss the Electric Picnic and our contributions to it. The group were asked to make squares, 15x15 for a blanket which we will display at the picnic and then donate to charity.

It was amazing the amount of talent and time that was put into all the squares!

Here is a picture of some of them, trying to match it up to see what way it would work. At this stage we were still expecting some more squares to arrive in the post.

And the food that was layed on for the knitted picnic was just divine! Yum yum.

I've since done some tomatoes and strawberries that look good enough to eat....nice a ripe they are. All I need now is some cream for the strawberries....


At 17:07, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Oh yarn looks so yummy. Have done some winding myself. Will try to get around to posting pics later.
See you tomorrow.

At 17:09, Anonymous Cheryl said...

Hurrah for Craftspun! How lovely is that yarn?! Hope you all have a great time. Wish I could join you...

At 20:11, Blogger Holly said...

Wow, everything looks great. I really wish I could be there. What type of yarn is that from Craftspun?? Take lots of pics for those who can't join in.

At 23:24, Blogger faire said...

oh thank god you explained what an electric picnic was, I was feeling quite culturally inept! :)

At 09:32, Blogger Woolly Wormhead said...

Such lovely colours of yarn, and all that knitting! looks like you had a great time :)


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