22 Aug 2006

Tractor Convention

We went down to Clare at the weekend, unexpectantly.
My Great Uncle Michael passed away late last week, he was 89 and a great man. RIP.
I was only really getting to know him.

Anyway, on the way down, we got diverted via Monesterevin, and came across a Tractor Convention!!!

It was a pretty impressive sight.
A row of tractors passing us by, as we crawled along for a change.
I must admit, some of the tractors looked pretty good, even for someone like me who couldn't tell a good tractor from a digger.

I would say that a lot of them were pretty old.

This is my favourite photo. Blurred because I was trying to get a picture as he went by and the car had started moving.
He saw me and waved!!


At 01:52, Blogger Robin said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your Uncles passing...you are in my thoughts & prayers.

At 11:04, Blogger M-H said...

OK Sara, I've added you to my bloglines. Hands across the world and all that. :)


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