25 Jun 2006

Spinning n Bitchin

So blogless Holly and Cheryl were unable to make the monthly Stich n Bitch meeting due to having to look after their kids, so it didn't take too much persuasion to join them over at Cheryl's house.

I took along the Ashford spinning wheel and some un-dyed fleece that my spinning teacher Juliet gave me, and joined them in a little relaxation. Cheryl provided some lovely lunch in the midst of it all, and the kids happily watched SpongeBob in the other room, after exhausting themselves doing that play thing that kids do.

Cheryl has posted very nicely about what we got up to on her blog, and I managed to sneak some pictures of Holly spinning and Cheryl drum-carding on my phone. As luck would have it, I brought my camera but didnt bring batteries-->typical Sara!

Unfortunately, the vodafone website STILL hasn't received the photo's that I sent,despite sending them twice yesterday, and once this morning, and emailing them about it, so I'll have to post them seperately, whenever that will be! In the meantime, Cheryl has posted very elequently about the day on her blog. Go check it out!

In the afternoon, I snook off to Alpacas of Ireland and bought me some alpaca fleece!!
Again, pictures to follow. Alpaca's are both weird and wonderful to see up close. They are amazing creatures.

Those of a sensitive nature, please don't read any further
Did you know that the females gestation period is 11 months and they can get pregnant almost immediately after giving birth? And that ovulation doesn't take place until AFTER mating!
Once a male comes anywhere near the female and she's ready to mate again, she just lies down and goes into a semi-trance like state until the deed is over.

There were 2 alpaca's having a go when I was there, in a pen, and they really weren't getting the method right....thats all I can say on the matter! Xandria of
Alpacas of Ireland said that she doesn't know how they manage to reproduce in the wild.
Okay lesson over with. I can't wait to have a try at spinning the alpaca.

And for those of you out there who are worrying about me neglecting my knitting for spinning, I started on something over the weekend but I can't post about it because its for my Secret Pal, but I can say that the yarn I used is one of the Merino
handspun from Holly....watch this space


At 17:02, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Very interesting about those Alpaca's. Thanks for the link. Are you tempted to get one for the cottage in Clare and set up a spinning commune? I admit to getting worried about you all going over to the dark side - glad to hear you are still knitting! Looking forward to seeing your secret project.

At 08:28, Blogger tangelled angel said...

No, no dark side for me, bright on all sides!! I also started doing something for my friends baby, the girl I stayed with in Bristol, a head scarf, on request from my friend. I'm liking it a lot, and have only done a few rows!
If you have problems getting into the alpaca of Ireland site try www.alpacasofireland.com, as in without the hyphens.

At 18:31, Blogger Cheryl said...

Have you seen any sign of the pics from Vodafone?

At 08:14, Blogger tangelled angel said...

I contacted Vodafone about it and they said they had been having some issues with their picture album and would work on it. Still no sign this morning.


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