8 Jun 2006

Belated Bath and Bristol

Message to Donni who left a comment on the previous post, I'm having problems with publishing your comment for some reason. I'll try again later. But yes, it is Aussie wool and yes I am a very lucky girl!! :)
Meanwhile, we have balloons. In Bath, UK.
Lots of them.
Can you see what's being advertised on this balloon? Click for larger image.

And while there we were very disappointed that we weren't allowed to go for a dip in the Roman Baths, brought along our swimwear and everything!
(I'm joking, can you imagine going for a swim in that green water?)
The water wasn't always green its the algae that has turned it like that, formed by constant exposure to the sun/weather. There used to be a cover over the baths and the water was clear.
There were a few lifeguards on duty, in case anyone got into trouble.
No, we weren't the lifeguards. I'd probably sink someone by mistake.

We went on to Bristol
Bad picture taken out of the car window of the Suspension bridge, but gives you an idea of what it looks like.
Isn't this really picturesque? Bristol is a lovely place, I hadn't seen more than the airport, from car windows, and my rellies houses before this trip.
Somewhat unpatriotic? Click on the picture to see what the board says close up. Considering the amount of England flags and banners etc we saw around...I would say so!
My friends daughter. Isn't she delightful??!!!!
(Angela, hope this is okay to post!!)
To my delight, Angela was really interested in the fact that I knit, and had done a beautiful baby wrap herself for her daughter while she was pregnant.
I showed her a few links to get some patterns from the web, and the lucky thing is near Get Knitted so will be able to take advantage of that once they open again on the first Saturday of the month. They normally have an open day the first Saturday of the month but were closed for the summer months when I was there :(
But don't worry, you can still order online!!


At 14:53, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Looks like you had a lovely weekend and much better luck than me on the posting photos front.

At 02:36, Anonymous Donni said...

Too funny - did you know that Just Jussi is one of my great friends? Smaller blog world. (Noticed her on your side bar)

At 15:06, Blogger KnitPastis said...

I love these photos! So awesome to see that side of the world.


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