9 Jun 2006

And here's me thinking it involved a bike

I did something really exciting last night.

What did you do Sara? I hear you all think.

I had a spinning lesson.

Not a spinning lesson in the gym and bicycles, as some may think, but with a spinning wheel and wool. Real wool, from a sheep’s back.

There is some sheep shivering somewhere now because of me.

Actually there are 3 sheep shivering, as I have 2 fleeces waiting for me to collect them this evening

Here's me practising at 11pm last night (told you I was excited!)
(quality of picture is due to taking with my mobile phone camera)

Where oh where am I going to find time to do this on top of everything else? The housework is suffering as it is!

But isn't it so pretty? My first skein:

And just in case you want a different angle, which of course you were just about to ask me about.......-->
I may have to frame it


At 13:56, Anonymous Holly said...

Well done!! Amazing quality for your first skein. You may pass me up as "Best Girl in Class". Very impressive. There are a lot of sheep shivering in Ireland these days. Especially in Dublin!

At 14:01, Anonymous Isobel said...

That's very impressive Sara. Are the meetings going to be full of lovely yarn for sale from you, Holly and Cheryl now? It could get expensive!

At 14:05, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

Well done. Very exciting indeed. Can empathise with the time management but really you should forget housework - it's too sunny for start that's before all the knitting and spinning activities.

At 14:48, Blogger tangelled angel said...

I think it was all a fluke really. Anytime Juliet went out of the room for something, the roving broke. Next lesson next week.
Fingers crossed!
And the housework may have to hold off indefinately......
Sheep, be afraid, be very afraid!

At 15:17, Anonymous isobel said...

A tidy house is a sign of a wasted life according to my mum, and I have to agree.

The big question of course is what are you going to make with it?

At 01:05, Blogger Cheryl said...

Good for you! I'm still trying to figure out how to clean the silly fleeces and there you are, spinning 'em up like a soon-to-be pro. Maybe I'll just be the poo-cleaner of the group...


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