16 Jun 2006

Get Stash-Get Knitted

Okay, a busy week in work, with only time to eat and sleep, and not even enough of either of those activities.
But, to soothe the nervous activity that comes from those occasions , you know- when you get home and you keep having to DO something, because you've been hectic busy all day, and you can't sit still.....we have stash. Great stash. In fact, a welcome addition to my ever-growing stash!
Even nicer in the flesh (so to speak)
And Lorna's Laces.....another MMmmmMMmmm
(Note to self: please knit something with this to see if you ACTUALLY like knitting it and not just smelling and drooling over it)
Last but not least- Debbie Bliss Maya....in case Get Knitted run out before I get round to ordering more from them.....
The curse that is The Stash- I actually discovered I already had 2 skeins of the stripey Maya that I had forgotten about (oops!)
And of course...the free pen, sweeties and candles! Yum!

Go to Get Knitted now and have a look!!


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