28 Jun 2006

I am knitting...HONESTLY! (Or should this post be called The Pink Post)

Okay I just have to show you this.
Its the simplest of patterns and I think I may be a little bit in love with it.

This is where I got the pattern from and I adapted it slightly to casting on 70 stitches instead of 86 that was called for.
I did this because its forMyla and she doesn't have as big a head as a grown up person.
So even though the pattern said it will fit little people, I don't think they were talking about REALLY little people.
AS you can see, I have used one of the stitch markers that my Secret Pal sent me.
I had to... it was pink.
And matched.

Now, should I continue in this pink until its finished or should I do a bit of white at the end point....any thoughts fellow bloggers?

I am going to do this one with a white tie, to close it, and if I like it enough when its finished, I may decide to do another one with a button closure.
We'll see!

Meanwhile, my one year old self-fertilising cherry tree in my backgarden has produced loads of cherries!!
There were perhaps 5 or 6 of them last year, and this year there are bunches of them.
We had to pick a few of them off in case the birds decided to change their breakfast habits.
And because it flowered so nicely, here is a picture of one of my roses. This rose bush came from a cutting from my sister's wedding bouquet from last year. Isn't it lovely?


At 16:02, Blogger Sharon in Ireland said...

The scarf is so pretty and a very cool concept. Keep going with the pink I think. It'll be so cute on the little girl. Well done on the cherries , we are not having much luck with our strawberry plants this year.

At 16:53, Blogger tangelled angel said...

Was it Isobel who said about sprinkling pepper on your strawberries and it wards off all birds/animals from going near them?
I think the scarf will be very cool on Myla, she will be a cool chick indeed. I may just have to do a few variations of it....

At 04:26, Blogger Annie said...

What a beautiful rose and a lovely way that you will remember your sister's wedding.

At 04:58, Blogger quiltyknitwit said...

beautiful rose and luscious cherries!


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